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Happy To Help

This is one of my many customers whom I help with learning to use a computer. Mrs Shepherd is registered blind, but with the little sight she has she wants to be able to do her shopping online. Over the past couple of months, with tuition from myself she has gone from learning how to turn the computer on to sending and reading emails, which is fantastic progress.

I built the system Mrs Shepherd is using with an extra large screen and keyboard to help with her sight and I also configured it to be used for a partially blind user, as you can see that the screen has black text on a yellow background which is commonly used for these situations.

I wanted to share this with everyone reading this to show that I am a business that offers more than just I.T. services but also a friendly approach to every service I offer.

Mrs Shepherd always praises my patience with her but I enjoy seeing the progression and to be able to stand back and say “I’ve taught her how to do that”. Also Mrs Shepherd is quite patient with me although she has a large Gin after I’ve left knowing that all the tuition I give her will give her a opportunity to do her own shopping online and not relying on her neighbour.

Always a pleasure.

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